Custom bedding Information

Please contact us for custom bedding options. We have put our custom bedding on hold to the public, but we can still work directly with our customers or designers! Please email us!

We also offer bespoke, luxury linens with applique and embroidery detail and monograms. Each order is individually placed with the highest attention to detail and customer service. Please contact us for a personal appointment to go over all of the option! We are happy to help you with color and style selections. Custom bedding takes 8-12 weeks from the date of confirmation. Due to covid restrictions, please expect some delays.

Our monograms are beautifully sewn on your bedding using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Monograms are applied using applique or thread at an additional charge of $95 per monogram. 

A personal monogram is a tradition that is still highly acclaimed and valued, especially on bedding. Our monograms are hand-drawn and cut, then sewn on with the highest-quality workmanship. Because each monogram is hand-drawn, we do not have an entire alphabet available to view prior to purchase. However, your monogram will be drawn, scanned and emailed to you for final approval before production of your bedding starts!
All monograms purchased online are centered and proportional to the pillow, duvet or coverlet. Please see our Pillow Configuration layout to view our recommended pillow selection for various bed sizes.

Monogram guidelines, married couples:

A joint monogram can be sewn with the following: [one spouse first initial] [LARGE LAST NAME INITIAL] [other spouse first initial].  So, John and Elizabeth Franklin would be: j F e. It is also acceptable to reverse the first name initials. So, John and Elizabeth Franklin can also be monogrammed as e F j. 

A second option is to use the wife's monogram on bedding linens. So in the previous example, Elizabeth Grace Franklin was married, and their linens could have this monogram: e F g.  It is [lady’s first initial] [LARGE LAST NAME INITIAL] [her middle initial] 

Monogram guidelines, single ladies or girls:

For these monograms, Addie Simrall Wilson, for example, her monogram would be: a W s.  It is [lady’s first initial] [LARGE LAST NAME INITIAL] [her middle initial]

 Monogram guidelines, single men or boys:

For these monograms with a largest middle initial, William John Bennet, for example, his monogram would be: w B j.  It is [man’s first initial] [LARGE LAST NAME INITIAL] [his middle initial].  Men also have the option to have a monogram all the same height.  In that case, the initials are in order of the name. So for this man, his monogram would be WJB.